Leadership Awards

Excellence in Co-curricular Education

ScoolstarsTM Leadership Awards for excellence in Co-curricular education is an unprecedented initiative to celebrate the enormous contribution of school leaders and co-curricular educators for their invaluable contributions in promoting talent beyond academics in schools

Our new generations today are making life choices that are so divergent. They are no longer, unlike their predecessors, chasing a few socially fashionable career options like medicine and engineering. A wide spectrum of choices have opened up for them today to build their careers on a solid foundation of what they like to do and what makes them happy. Our new generations are choosing to be musicians, dancers, actors, painters, news anchors, radio Jockeys and so on. Our school leaders and co-curricular educators are helping children to become happier by recognising their passion and their innate talents and providing them with opportunities, guidance and support to nurture their talent. All this in the middle of the ever growing pressure of academic assessments.

The awards commit to felicitate, encourage, motivate and recognise the contribution of such school leaders and exceptional co-curricular educators from across the country every year and shine the spotlights on them for their formidable efforts.

School Leadership Awards for Excellence in Co-curicullar Education

Every Year Awards and Citations will be given to School Leaders and Co-Curricular educators from across India for their commendable efforts in promotion of talent beyond academics in schools:

School Leaders Award

Criteria and Procedures for Award for School Leaders

The award will be bestowed upon school leaders who:

  • Champion new and innovative programs that consistently support identication, mentoring and recognition of innate talent of their students.
  • Encourage and support professional development of co-curricular educators through structured internal and external programs
  • Foster the right culture and environment for students to show their innate talents beyond academics


Criteria and Procedures for Award for Schools

The award is bestowed upon schools that:

  • Have demonstrated history of consistently encouraging and supporting intensive co-curricular education.
  • Are known for providing every child with an opportunity to discover, recognise and nurture their innate talent promoting holistic education
  • Invest in high quality teaching resources and tools to promote Co-curricular education
  • Encourage and support professional development of co-curricular educators through structured internal and external programs.
  • The students of the school excel in competitions across a wide spectrum of talent domains

Selection Process

School Leaders and Schools are nominated for the award based on the findings of an intensive research carried out to crystallise the indicators for the assessment. The information and data sources include the following:

  • Historic records of the schools that are publicly accessible.
  • Parent and community feedback, recorded reviews
  • Media reports, Recorded reviews, ranking surveys and alumni feedback

The top School leaders and Schools that appear in the qualifying criteria for nomination are issued notifications to express their interest to accept the award and are then invited to receive the award at a gala ceremony on a pre appointed date held across a select set of cities in India.

Registration and Expression of Interest

On completion of the internal intensive research study and evaluations, the shortlisted nominees for the award will be notified by email regarding their selection for the award. Once an email confirmation is received, the nominated school leader must complete the registration process for the award program online at www.scoolstars.com. (Under the tab < Educator Awards>)

Please note that the nominations for the award will be not be valid until the nominee has completed the registration process and expressed his/her acceptance to receive the award within the notified time period after receipt of the email notification/Invite.

Once the registration process is complete, the nominees are invited to participate in a Gala Award Ceremony and to receive the awards.

Register and apply now

The Global Leadership conference and the award ceremonies 2018-19 will be held as per the following schedules:

Coimbatore Wednesday Dec 19th 2018 ITC WelcomHotel, Coimbatore
Chandigarh Saturday Dec 22nd 2018 The Lalit, Chandigarh
Delhi NCR Thursday Jan 24th 2019 The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi
Chennai Tuesday 13th Aug 2019 The Residency Towers, Chennai

Award Nominee Registration

Registration and Expression of Acceptance

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** Please Note: In case you have been nominated and given a passcode, registration fee does not apply for you.

Please note that a registration fees of Rs 0 per participant is applicable for attendance at the ceremony. The registration fees can be paid Online.

For Online payments:

Beneficiary Name : Koshient Ventures Pvt Ltd

Current Account No: 164305000192


Please Note: In case you have been nominated and given a passcode, registration fee does not apply for you.