How can students participate in Scoolstars?

Scoolstars is open to all students of schools that have registered online and obtained membership to Scoolstars. All students of all grades of member schools are entitled to upload and have their talent assessed , rated and nominated to be Scoolstars of the year.

How can schools register to become members of Scoolstars?

Schools can register online at www.scoolstars.com by filling in the required details of the school (Register -> Register as a school )

What about students of non - member schools?

Students of schools that have not registered online as members of Scoolstars , are requested to visit www.scoolstars.com and go to students registration tab and click on “not a member student” ,fill a few basic details and the school name. Scoolstars will forward an invitation to the school to enrol as a member on Scoolstars. Once a school becomes a member , all students will automatically receive a pass code from the school to access Scoolstars.com

How can students participate in Scoolstars once they receive a pass code from their school and what should they expect?

Students should Sign in to Scoolstars with the pass code that they have received from the school and register as a member student. On successful registration they will receive an individual ID and Password by email. They should log in to Scoolstars using the ID and password received by them on their registered email after successful registration. Once signed in they can access their personal dashboard.

On their personal dashboards there are tabs to upload talent clips, access your results when announced and various other details and information.

Can a student participate in any number of talent categories?

Yes, students of member schools can participate in any number of talent categories in specific age and grade level ,by paying the assessment fees for each individual submission online. All students will get a feedback, rating and certificate for each clip submitted separately. Students will be entitled to compete with other students across the country in each category under which submissions have been made , for the title of scoolstar of the year.

Who will evaluate and rate the submitted talent clips?

Each submitted talent clip will be reviewed, assessed and rated by an expert Judge empanelled by Scoolstars . All expert Judges are empanelled by Scoolstars after a diligent evaluation of their proven credentials and qualifications in their talent . The judges rate the talent submissions by students , using highly scientific assessment rubrics created by the research team at Koshient Ventures.

After submission of talent clip, what should students expect?

For each talent submission students will receive a feedback and a certificate indicating the rating that their level of talent has been awarded. If the talent is found to be outstanding or exceptional, based on ranking, they can go on to be crowned as the Scoolstars of the year at the school level, then at the Zonal level and eventually at a National level.

How many Scoolstars of the year will be crowned each canvas year?

Each canvas year Scoolstars of the year will be crowned as follows:

What is meant by a canvas year for Scoolstars?

A canvas year for Scoolstars is the period during which schools can register to become members of Scoolstars platform, Students of member schools can upload their talent , and results for school level, zonal level and finally National level Scoolstars of the year are announced. The canvas year for Scoolstars opens with the opening date of the registration of schools and concludes with the announcement and celebration of national Scoolstars of the year . The specific dates will be announced by Koshient Ventures well in advance of each stage , and notified on www.scoolstars.com

How many talent categories are active on Scoolstars? What if one find the category that defines thier specific talent area?

All categories active are listed on www.scooolstars.com ( talents) with precise description of the talent area. There is an option to add a new category (tab “ Add New”) and make a suggestion. In the event of reasonable number of requests received, Scoolstars will be happy to add a suggested talent category to the list .

Can other students of the school or any other person view a submitted talent clip?

No, the submitted talent clip and the feedback and rating received will only be visible to the student. Should a student feature in the Scoolstars of the year at school level, it is the schools discretion to upload the same on the school website.

The Name and submitted clipping of students who win the titles of Zonal Scoolstars and National Scoolstars will be visible to general public on Scoolstars and also on various other platforms that Koshient Ventures chooses to celebrate the winners.

Can general community view , like and comment on submitted clips?

No, Scoolstars is not just another social platform. It’s an assessment platform to unravel talent and the submitted clip can only be allowed to be assessed by individuals with right credentials and qualifications who can make a the right judgement while rating the submissions. The winners therefore are not chosen on popularity but absolute merit .

What is the assessment fees for submission?

The assessment fees is a very nominal one time amount payable for submission of a talent clip by students. The payment of assessment fees allows the student to receive a feedback, rating and a certificate for their level of talent and enter a national contest for the Zonal and a National Scoolstar of the year in their specific talent category.

How can Scoolstars help develop the talent of students?

Scoolstars helps students to find a pre-verified , well experienced and a qualified coach, who can help them to help develop their talent. Students /Parents can request for mentorship/coach in any specific talent domain . Students should go to “find a mentor tab” on the dashboard on www. Scoolstars.com to make this request .

Would Scoolstars take students away from academics?

Absolutely Not. Scoolstars recognises that focus on academics is of prime importance during schooling years. However, it provides an opportunity for every student to also show their other innate talents to the world and get an assessment of how good they are. An opportunity never presented to school students before. Exceptionally talented students find opportunities to find fame and glory on the wings of their talent and passion.

What are various levels and age groups for participation in Scoolstars?

Scoolstars has created five levels for students in each category from pre-school to senior as per their grade/class in school. Students can upload their talent clips only under the grade level applicable to them. Any deviation or incorrect entry will be deactivated.

How does a school receive its Talent Koshient Score and what does it mean?

Talent Koshient Score is awarded to every member school at the end of the Scoolstars canvass. This score is automatically determined based on a few parameters such as number of students( as a percentage of total students in school ) who participate in Scoolstars , number of students from the school that are nominated as Zonal Scoolstars and National Scoolstars fom the school across all categories and levels . A ranking list is prepared on the basis of the Talent Koshient Score received by schools and top ranking schools in the country are announced by Scoolstars.